"Your work on Cat in the Hat, as always, was exceptional – finding the humour and the energy, and when we needed it, the real kid behaviour that grounded that part of the show in reality for the audience at home. 

 I loved what you did with the Song Flower Sisters song, too, which was the last episode we delivered.  I look forward to working with you again on something soon."

August 23rd 2018

~Larry Mirkin, Producer of Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That,  Portfolio Entertainment 

"Keith was one of my senior animators on Doki at Portfolio Entertainment and I quickly learned to trust that he would do a great job on anything we threw at him. He always tossed in some extra bit of ‘business’ into his scenes that made them just that much better…..a little expression here or some subtle comedic action that would help plus a scene and make it better without going over the top. That’s a great ability, shows he’s having fun and rubs off on other animators. Keith is very knowledgeable and wise in the ways of Harmony and would always share any tricks or tips with the crew. A cool and easy going reliable guy that helps people? That’s a true professional and a great asset to any studio."

March 7, 2018

~Gary Hurst, Director of Doki (Season 3) Portfolio Entertainment 

 "I needed someone who had technical knowledge of animation combined with strong communication skills and the ability to self-motivate and I was very fortunate to be given Keith's name - he had everything I was looking for and more! The content he delivered is excellent."

May 7, 2018

~Caitlin Troughton, Marketing Content Manager, Toon Boom Animation Inc.

"Keith is one of the hardest working people I've ever known. In addition to excelling at his day job he consistently completes freelance project after project. The quality of his work is not diluted by the volume; it's always top notch. Keith is always learning and is happy to share any tips and tricks he picks up. He's an inspiration and an asset to the team."

August 16th 2014

~Craig Schriver, Senior Animator, Nelvana

Keith was my supervisor at Fatkat studios and not only did I learn a lot and can contribute most of my skills as an animator to him, he was probably one of the nicest people to me as I was getting the hang of things. Keith brought great animation to that studio and all of its products, most notably, a lot of action animations in the Nickelodeon show, "Three Delivery". This guy isn't afraid of a challenge, he just stares right back at it grinning the whole time. Any studio would be lucky to have this talent.

March 1st 2013

~Liam Robinson, Art Director at PopCap Games

Keith's eye for detail has given a new layer of polish to our titles. Keith has never hesitated to accept any new animation task given to him. He has proven he works well with others and is willing to communicate with members of various departments in order to complete the best work possible. 

July 13th, 2012

~Jon Caculovic

Managing Director at Vast Studios

"Keith's animation is great!  He's taken 'Whats Your News' ticker tapes to a whole new level!" 
Mar 4, 2012 

~Jocelyn Stevenson, Former co-creator and writer of "Fraggle Rock".  Producer of "What's Your News".  Original Pictures / TT Animation 

"Keith has taste, passion, staying power, and is a great team player. We think about him often and are happy to see his career progress."
Jan 26, 2012

~Maxine Schacker, Owner of Max the Mutt Animation School

"Keith was an incredible asset to our crew.  He is one of the fastest and most reliable animators i've ever worked with.  His technical mastery of the program is impressive and i think even our most experienced animators learned a trick or two from him."

Oct 22, 2010

~Louis Solis, President of Solis Animation 

"Keith is a problem solver extraordinaire, the kind every team is incomplete without. Never one to complain when things get rough, his attitude is eternally positive and his work is always polished to 110%. Keith was a total pleasure to work with."

June 1, 2010

~Rich Duhaney, Animation Supervisor, Smiley Guy Studios

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